Business and landowners who live and work in our community have the opportunity to largely reduce the nonpoint source pollution that enters our water. Just as individual residents can make simple and mindful choices to reduce their environmental impact, local businesses can do the same on a larger scale.

There are significant benefits for businesses as well. When businesses engage in river-friendly operations it shows not only a commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment but also a commitment to their neighbors! This can increase business by building a strong relationship with the surrounding community.

Simply being a river-friendly business is very marketable. The general public has become increasingly aware of environmental risks factors and consumers are choosing sustainable products/companies/services more than ever.

Find out how you can maximize the benefits of river friendly choices to promote your business while helping to improve local water quality. There are many different strategies that can be employed on a property to reduce and slow storm water runoff.

Contact us to be connected with one of our partners who may be able to provide free technical assistance to determine the specific needs of your property and help to implement sustainable management strategies. These improvements can benefit your work environment while increasing efficiency in operational spending on landscaping and more.