Municipal governments play a significant role in the stewardship of our local water resources. Through effective storm water management plans, easements, ordinances, and more, every municipality has a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to promote smart growth and protect the local water supply.

We are eager to work with municipal officials throughout the Lopatcong Creek Watershed Community to help identify areas for improvement, strategies for responsible environmental stewardship, and to discuss opportunities to increase recreational access to the Lopatcong Creek.

Protection of local resources is, at once, a matter of environmental and economic sustainability for every township. It is critical that municipal laws and leaders proactively safeguard water quality for the protection of a safe drinking water supply, community character, and agricultural productivity in order to maintain a strong local economy.

We encourage local officials to contact us to be connected with experts who may be able to provide workshops, technical assistance, and guidance for improved or enhanced municipal stewardship.

The Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions is an excellent resource for municipal governments. ANJEC offers resources, workshops, support, and other assistance, including grants, to municipal boards and environmental commissions who are interested in learning, advancing, and improving environmental protection strategies.