We look forward to helping our local teachers and schools to bring water education to the next level in their classrooms! There are many inexpensive and cost FREE programs that can enhance water science curriculum. There are programs that work with students as well as those that educate our educators to maximize their efforts in the classroom. We encourage teachers for grades K-12 to contact us or simply fill out our online volunteer/contact form to express your interest in our bringing a program to your school for students, teachers, or both.

Teachers play an integral role in the advancement of river-friendly community thinking. Working with the younger generation provides a unique opportunity to instill an understanding of the inherent connection between a healthy environment and a healthy community. Today’s students are tomorrow leaders and environmental stewards. An early introduction to issues that negatively impact water quality along with strategies and methods to counteract them will set the next generation up to tackle the mounting environmental issues of their time.

An educated student becomes an educated adult who is more likely to make mindful decisions as a homeowner, business owner, farmer, leader, and more. All it takes is the genuine understanding that river-friendly decisions are directly in their own best interests.

We thank our local teachers for helping our students to understand the critical connection between how we impact our water and how our water impacts us.

Please let us know you’re interested in learning more about how we can partner with you to provide educational opportunities in your school. Fill out our contact form here.