North Jersey Resource Conservation and Development (NJRC&D)

North Jersey RC&D is a regional non-profit organization serving Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren Counties in northwest NJ. Through partnerships with municipal, state and federal agencies, as well as many private entities and academic institutions, the North Jersey RC&D Council develops and manages programs and projects that promote the conservation and improvement of the region’s resources and protect the area’s quality of life.

Lopatcong Creek 319h Watershed Restoration and Protection Plan

North Jersey RC&D will lead project partners and stakeholders to develop a watershed protection and restoration plan for the entire Lopatcong Creek watershed, including Greenwich, Harmony, Lopatcong, Pohatcong Townships and Alpha Borough. The project partners will work over the next 3 years to gather water quality data; identify areas for restoration; identify areas for land protection; and work with area stakeholders (citizens, agricultural, municipal officials, businesses) to improve watershed knowledge. The overall result, through plan implementation, will be attainment of surface water quality standards, improved agricultural best management practice implementation; and improved stakeholder awareness of water quality impairments and contributing sources of pollution.

Lopatcong Creek-Morris Canal Restoration Project

North Jersey RC&D will work with area partners and will lead a unique project in Lopatcong and Greenwich Townships addressing both a historical and ecological aspect of the region will be restored. The Lopatcong Creek, a trout habitat stream and the historic Morris Canal will be restored. The ecological improvements will include the restoration of 1,500 feet of the Lopatcong Creek; floodplain reconnection; and the protection and restoration of 1,000 feet of the historic Morris Canal and towpath.

New Jersey Audubon

The New Jersey Audubon mission is three fold: to foster environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey’s citizens; protect New Jersey’s birds and other wildlife, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and to promote preservation of New Jersey’s valuable habitats.  New Jersey Audubon knows that farmers are the stewards of the land and the fates of farming, wildlife habitat and natural resource protection in New Jersey are inseparable. If these elements of our natural heritage are to continue to exist in a sustainable and meaningful way, the agricultural and conservation community must work together to develop innovative and realistic strategies to promote economically viable farm communities and conservation goals.

Since 2005, New Jersey Audubon has immersed itself in our state’s agricultural community. Our goal has been to learn, work alongside, and most importunately provide solutions to the challenges faced by farmers and conservationists alike.  Based on this sentiment, NJ Audubon is seeking to engage landowners and agricultural producers in the Lopatcong Creek Watershed to help improve and restore land that can provide both habitat and natural resource protection opportunities, especially along wetland, stream and river corridors.  To do this, NJ Audubon’s trained conservation staff are available at no cost to landowners and producers of the Lopatcong Creek Watershed to discuss, plan and help implement cost-effective agricultural and forestBest Management Practices on their property. Assistance may include free technical support, enrollment assistance into federal cost-share conservation programs, accessibility to NJ Audubon’s microfinance program, no-till seed drill rental, educational opportunities and in some cases, free plant materials for cover-cropping and/or riparian restoration. Contact John Parke, NJA Project Stewardship Director at (908) 366-7781 or john.parke@njaudubon.org for more info.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy will be monitoring water quality in Lopatcong Creek by conducting regular testing in various locations as marked on the map below.

Additional Conservation Resources:
If you are a local farmer or landowner interested in coordinating efforts to reduce the environmental impact of your operation while improving productivity, we urge you to contact us. Our partners have funding available that can help you achieve these goals at no cost to you.

Contact us to learn more about how our partners can assist in the implementation of agricultural Best Management Practices. These enhancements are engineered to be mutually beneficial to the farmer and his environment. Find out more about how we can work together to protect the future of agriculture and ecology in our community.

In addition to our partners, many programs provide assistance and funding to help the agricultural community advance river friendly practices. Here are some additional resources they may be helpful to local farmers and more.

State of New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Find out about USDA agricultural assistance programs here:

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Learn about EPA funding and other grant opportunities here: http://water.epa.gov/grants_funding/

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
The NRCS provides information, assistance programs, and many other resources for the agricultural community.